Discover How You Can Make Money Using a Non Directional Trading Method

An economic downturn would normally deter investors from engaging in risky ventures; however, seasoned investors know that there is an opportunity to cash in on a depressed economy. It is perhaps an open secret within the trading circles that Non Directional Trading is the way to go especially when the economy is down.

This method of trading is considered revolutionary in that it veers away from the traditional practice of predicting the market price movement. Conventional ways will lead you into thinking that the price movements will move in one direction at a certain time frame. Based on that premise, you will have to predict the prices and base your buying and selling activities on such prediction. The risk is too high given that in most cases, the market price movements move in non-directional mode. This means that predicting the prices will be of no use if the nature of the price movement is not in sync with the forecast indicators. With that said, Non Directional Trading may just be the right vehicle for you to start engaging in stock market or money market trading.

Take the case of Forex Options. Forex Options allow you to buy/sell a pair of currencies at a preset price with corresponding expiry date. Upon expiry, you will have the right to exercise that option if the difference in the strike price and prevailing market price will give you a profit. There is no need to rely much on predicting the price movement of currencies under Forex Options Trading since you only need to be aware of how big or small the price movement is and not on whether it will go up or down. It’s how you will be able to gage how much profit you will have.

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Insurance Direct Marketing – 4 Step Wizard is Increasing Insurance Leads 200%

Insurance direct marketing is a proven method in the first step of achieving more lead response and sales. However it takes a wizard to implement increasing insurance leads to a stack of replies. Using these methods you can become a direct marketing wizard in lead generation.

You could scorch your competitors and scream for happiness by doubling sales leads at no added cost. Using this four point closing wizard, awakens your senses to applying winning features. This causes your insurance prospects to cross the reply line. See how you delegate the rules, and prospects take the precise action you want.

If you are serious about doubling insurance lead response, the wizard is waiting.

Leading edge sales letters and postcards often start out by popping their prospects eyes wide open. The writer remembers to uses a stranglehold headline phrase that leaves them gasping to read on. Next by injecting interest in the product, your prospects mind is hypnotically directed to continue reading your sales piece.

Oh no! Suddenly your prospects mind blocks like a logjam. Your insurance sales letter loses momentum like a plane running out of fuel. It occurs precisely at the exact point to secure heavy action. Say goodbye to compelling the prospect to read on and respond. Your entire mission loses the impact to stimulate further interest.

Say hello to the compact 4 step leads wizard extracting stunning results for increasing lead response. Here’s the persuasive 4 closing process giving your prospects logic to complete your reply request now.

1. Many sales letters assume giving a phone number alone will justify prospects to get lead replies. Wrong. Stay in complete control like a squadron leader preparing for battle. Tell the prospect exactly what his duty is. Direct him to pick up the phone and call the number right now. Or stress why responding to your offer without delay is beneficial. If you don’t strongly shake the prospects emotions to take action, they won’t.

2. Set a time limit. This keeps insurance prospects clients from pondering your message and putting it in the desk drawer. Give a drop dead deadline when you offer will be no longer available.. An example: “After we hire 3 qualified salespeople to work our sales leads, this territory will cease to be available.” Another would be, “Enrollment in this fantastic program ends November 10th at midnight, or when space for your participation is no longer available.”

3. Reduce reluctance by having it as easy as making mudpies for your prospects to respond. Including a reply card already stamped, makes it simple to reply, harder to resist. If you want phone call responses, provide also your name, time zone, and hours to call. Then add. “When replying for more information during non-business hours, confidentially email me at _____”

4. Add a kicker P.S. at the end of your sales piece. Realize that a majority of prospects glance at the headline and the P.S. before deciding to pitch your piece or read the entire contents. Effectively present the P.S. using fresh wording to enforce the top way your prospect benefits from your product.

Receiving insurance sales leads, like shooting at flies is not a numbers game. Target the right prospect list, and aim your sales piece to fire out the the biggest benefits your prospects gain with your product. Do not copy the mistakes your competitors take. March to the front, implementing four simple lead enhancing techniques so few others use.

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How to Make Money With Non Directional Trading Even If You’re a Beginner!

Complete beginners have this view of Non Directional Trading as a sophisticated market mechanism that lets you earn big when the timing is right and lose even more when your cards are not played right. While it may be true that such trading is considered sophisticated, it is also viewed as a less risky venture. That’s not to say that trading activities within that category will always guarantee profits; what it just means is that you can actually make money even if you have no prior experience with stock or money market trading.

Non Directional Trading still carries with it a level of risk that will depend on your threshold, but the beauty of it lies in the fact that there is no need to rely on predicting how the market will behave in a particular time frame. This is because, by nature, the market moves in a non-directional mode, hence, forecasting the direction of the price movement is considered a futile effort.

If you are a complete beginner and would like to cash in on this kind of trading, you can easily do so with Forex Options. An option gives you the right to buy (or sell) assets – in this case, currencies – at a specific price (strike price) from the seller. Upon the expiry of the option (say, in a month), you can choose to exercise your right to trade if the market price suits you. There is profit to be had in Forex Options Trading if the price movement is big and it is to your favor.

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Network Marketing – Pampered Chef Get a Big Slice of the Pie

The Pampered Chef Company has been in the network marketing business for 29 years and is still going strong. As the name would imply they sell products for the foodies in all of us. If you know plenty of people who simply must have the latest kitchen gadget or cookbook, then you might be able to turn this direct sales company into a profit for yourself.

Once rated as the fastest growing business by Fortune Magazine, Pampered Chef is a multimillion dollar company spanning four countries. Founded by home economist and educator Doris Christopher, Pampered Chef has become the premier direct sales company directed at homemakers.

Pampered Chef carries a broad range of products including bakeware, stoneware, their own line of knives and a nice assortment of cookbooks. They also carry dishes, spices and tools for your Barbecue with such a wide range of items for the kitchen and barbeque, there is something for everybody.

Making money with Pampered Chef is achieved by having parties in your hostess’s home, during which you should plan to have multiple cooking demonstrations and explain the use of the items you are trying to sell. Then while your guests nibble on their food you will answer questions and collect orders.

Commissions start at 20% and can reach as high as 27%, plus like most network marketing companies, you will make a commission when you sponsor someone else who decides to become a Pampered Chef consultant.

There is a small difference here though, with other network marketing companies the higher you go in their ranks, the less you will make from your downline, so you will never really stop selling retail with Pampered Chef if you want to make good money.

A consultant kit will run you about $155 and contains all the materials you will need to train you in your new career, demonstrate your products, take orders and sign up your team members. You will also find hostess packets when you host parties at the houses of your friends and catalogues they can take home with them should they decide to order later.

You can sign up online, call their toll free phone number or talk to a local consultant in your area.

Pampered Chef operates by the code of ethics provided by the DSA ensuring you that your direct sales experience will be pleasurable and honest.

If you love to cook why not cook with top quality equipment and earn some extra money doing something you love. This is networking marketing at its finest, and if you are thinking of getting into direct sales, then you cannot go wrong choosing Pampered Chef.

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